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The Art Of Derek Hook

Derek Hood is a leading artist based in the UK

Derek Hood has been producing various forms of art-work for several years since graduation from studying Fine Art at the University of Birmingham back in 2007. The University of Birmingham is known for teaching students to the absolute top quality of academic education, which helped Derek excel with his artwork. He was an active participant within the academic community of the University, being regularly involved and leading student exhibitions and working with other academics who are considered the absolute top in their field.


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Various Types of Derek’s Artistry Study

Since completion of his degree, Derek Hood has moved through several forms of visual artistry.

Drawing and Painting were his first love. The ability to be able to simply create an image from scratch, using a huge range of techniques was what drove Derek to fall in love with this art form. Using various types of tools and media, including pen, ink and wax pencils. However, simple pencil sketches using graphite using techniques such as line drawing, cross-hatching, scribbling and blending. Derek Hood could certainly be referred to as a draftsman!

The painting was where he spent his next few years honing his artistry. In a similar way to how Derek fell in love with the simplicity of drawing, painting seemed to be an obvious next step. The ability of literally apply a standard pigmet of colour and blend it to a completely unqiue and never seen before hue intrigued D. Hood, and his next several years of practise had begun. It was on a visit to the Sistine Chapel and viewing the range of painting techniques on display that triggered this new love affair.

Other visual art forms that were studied range from:

Impressionism (including postimpressionism)


Illuminated Manuscript








Most recently Derek Hood has started to focus his effort into his love for sculpture. This was known to be one of his first loves and was discovered to an area where he has a natural flair.

Since leaving the world of university art, Mr Hood has since been focusing his efforts into creating a significant bank of work to showcase his skills. This bank of work has taken several years to create, and spend countless hours of effort in order to produce a series such as his latest offering (you could actually say hours of blood sweat and tears).

Street Art Galleries and Exhibitions of the work of Hood

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  • Lawrence Alkin Gallery
  • Lazarides
  • 508 Gallery
  • Nelly Duff
  • Pictures on Walls
  • Pure Evil Gallery
  • Signal Gallery
  • Stolen Space
  • Village Underground

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