History of Art Studies

derek hoods fine art study

Part of Derek’s route to success so far has without doubt been due to his extensive university studies of the History of Art, Fine Art and Photographic Art.

The above courses that Derek Hood’s studies included were generally full-time courses that lasted approximately one year. However, the photographic art course was undertaken as a part-time degree which lasted two years. One of the main reasons for undertaking the course part time was to allow Derek to focus on what he had previously learnt from his degree in the History of Art.

The degree in the History of Art is considered to be a varied area of study to include various explorations of culture, politics and general societal events. This was the perfect study for Derek due to his love of researching various historical forms of art and techniques.

History of Art and Derek Hood

The study exposed Derek Hood to in-depth areas that were of particular interest to him at that point in his artistic development. There was a wide choice in options of modules to study and focus, all of which involved some independent research studies as well as guided learning. This developed both his understanding and the application of the areas of research.

This university offered the chance to be able to work with, study with and learn from international experts within the fields of historical art. The course consisted of a diverse group of students, skillsets and abilities. Often when group projects were required, D Hood often volunteered to lead the group and be the representative spokesman for the group project.

Site visits, galleries and museums were required to be successful in the participation of this History of Art course. However, this education was not limited just to visiting and looking at these artistic displays. The program required students to get involved in teaching and volunteering placements to give back and educate the wider art community. Work placements were offered to some of the higher achieving students, and these placements were often based overseas and throughout the world.

A mindblowing source of resources was made available to Derek whilst he was undertaking his studies. A few of these included access to the British Library, the British Museum, the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery

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