International Artists

Derek has taken inspiration for his portfolio from a variety of sources, galleries, museums and especially other artists.

After Derek spent two years travelling the world with nothing but his backpack filled with pencils and paint, he took inspiration from a variety of international artists which has helped lead to his development as an artist in his own right.

Some of these artists Derek Hood actually met on his travels, however, some of the artists are from the past and he was fortunate enough to see their work with his own eyes and draw inspiration from a bygone time.

International Artist Inspirations

Kapwani Kiwanga

After understanding that the tectonic plates of Europe and Africa are moving underneath each other at a rate of around 2cm yearly, a Canadian artist used this for inspiration to help fuel her sculptural works. They are known to suggest friction of stretching throughout geological time. Curtains in her display help to signify the issue of the tectonic plates meeting and how they can be moved and withdrawn by human hands. Additionally the involvement of physical matter such as stones and rocks to help pay a homage to the naturally occurring process across the continents.

Katinka Bock

Katinka Bock presented her first solo exhibition in the UK, being shown at Glasgow.

The works are using a wide range of materials and this includes both natural organic materials, and synthetic man-made fibres. These various forms of materials are then formed and processed in order to influence and affect the final haptics of the art pieces. Her exhibition also showcases the history of the venue and history of the city of Glasgow itself.

Urs Fischer

Another one of Derek’s modern artist inspirations was from the work of Urs Fischer, from her exhibition showcased from a modern gallery in New York, USA. Her multi-angle approach allows her to extensively explore and investigate the various forms and methods of producing images. This includes the ability to adjust with post-production techniques.

Michelangelo (18 February 1564)

Michelangelo is one of the best-known artists in history and provided true inspiration to Derek Hood whilst he was on his travels. Derek is a lover of sculpture, and through to be a true artist. It is known that he has inspired countless artists and sculptures over centuries.

Pablo Picasso (8 April 1973)

Is he the most famous and infamous artists of all time, providing inspiration to all ages, genres and forms of artists. He was known to be one of the founders of the cubism art form and pioneered its creation and consideration as a new art form. He is known to have influenced many other world class and world-known artists including such as Salvador Dali and many others.