London Street Art Galleries

Our capital city has many great places to view street art, both on the street and inside galleries.

Derek Hood’s has been fortunate enough to be involved or showcased his artwork at many from this list of galleries below:

BlackRats Project has been knocking around since back in 2007. It is based within an old-fashioned railway arch within Shoreditch, East London. They started out showcasing work from the street, and now have focused more on moving the art into the gallery. There is a range of eclectic art work including launch events and community workshops showcasing paper and print methodologies.

The Brick Lane Gallery was started back in 2007 and has quickly become a well know London gallery. They have showcased numerous successful exhibitions of late, including work from Banksy, Roa. They offer a mix of urban street art, along with contemporary work from mid career artists. Areas of artistry they are interested in include painting, sculpture and photography.

The Lawrence Alkin Gallery was previously known under another name previously; ArtRepublic. They decided to move to new premises and with that physical move came a re-brand to the Lawrence Alkin Gallery. Their ethos is to showcase and vend affordable but significant pieces of work. These works can include prints from big names such as Banksy and Eine to name just a few. The new location is easy to visit is close to Covent Garden in London city.

If you have never heard of the Lazaride Gallery, where have you been? They are known to have been the gallery and man that introduced the world to Banksy. Steve Lazaride started the London gallery, alongside another based in Newcastle. They offer a different level of art collections, one for the serious buyer and one for the more affordable market. Their affordable options include various limited edition prints, books and other items less likely to upset your bank manager.

You have seen pictures on walls, but have you been to the Pictures On Walls Gallery? They are offering signed and numbered limited editions of various great street artists. This also includes a Banksy authentication service where you can discover and verify if the art in your street was indeed created by the man himself. This, of course, comes with a small fee, but you will receive a certificate to prove its authenticity.